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It's OK Susie



I’m Susie and welcome to It's OK Susie. I am a storyteller- it’s my thing. Whether it be through my one-woman show, my blog or my podcast,


I am here to share the best and worst bits of life and how I navigate my way through the chaos. I've found that sharing is my way of connecting to others and connection is my highest value.

I have a story to tell, I am pretty sure I always will.


I hope my stories help you get through your day a little easier, make you feel a little less alone or at the very least make you smile.


Susie's Story


I am the mother of two incredible boys.


My life has never gone according to plan; I have been married and divorced, I have loved and lost, I have laughed until I couldn’t breathe and I have also found myself unable to catch my breath laying on my kitchen floor crippled with anxiety.


I am a 37-year-old woman who is (believe it or not) grateful for every single one of these things. Through the joy and the pain I have found purpose and I’m healing through creativity and sharing that with others.


Being the mother of these two boys has often felt like it was overwhelming me; but being a part of this family has actually been the making of me. I've realised I cannot protect these boys from the world, nor should I try, despite how much I want to. Instead showing up in the world as someone who has let go of perfection, chooses kindness, laughs even in the worst and most traumatic moments, and allows myself to be human is the best idea of parenting I can think of.


My superpower is using all of the above to connect to my family, my boys, my community and hopefully to you.


“It’ll take you everything you have to stop the tears falling”

“...with Susie’s charisma, you can’t help but be swept up in the moment – feeling more like you’re sitting in her living room than in an auditorium. And just like a mate, she’ll have you belly laughing about a fart in a yoga class, and when she tells you what it was like sitting on that kitchen floor - it’ll take you everything you have to stop those tears falling down your cheeks.


Priscilla Queen of the Disaster leaves you feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut and simultaneously given a new lease of life.”

Emily Parsley - Technical & Projects Manager at Harlow Playhouse

Get Involved

I want to hear from you! Your successes, your struggles, your victories, and your failures.


Whether you have seen my show, read my blog, listened to the podcast or just have a question, please grab a cuppa and hop onto the forum so we can all chat it out.


I connect best with people who are open and brutally honest. This is a judgement-free zone because if you have felt it, I can guarantee you others have too. And sometimes sharing your load is enough to make you and others feel better.


I am not interested in perfection, I am interested in those of us who are human enough to acknowledge our struggles and together we can manoeuvre our way through it, Choosing kindness, especially in regards to ourselves and our families!


Come and get involved!

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