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This is a podcast finding the comedy in self-development.

Susie has been married, divorced, discovered lesbianism and is the mother of two little boys.


Susie has a one woman show - Priscilla Queen on the Disaster which is a survival guide on the early years of motherhood. And it's her mission to offer up a realistic view of parenting as opposed to the heavily curated version we often see nowadays. In a world where we have all looked outside for validation the last few years has given us a choice to distract ourselves or face my stuff once and for all, whilst laughing along the way.


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Latest Episode

"The refreshing warmth and openness of the podcast really makes you feel Fiona and Susie have offered you a seat at their kitchen table, grabbed you a drink and plied you with biscuits. If you’re craving a chance to put the world to rights with the girls, it may not be quite as good as the real thing, but I think it comes pretty darn close."

Review - Philippa Kelly at


"There’s a reassuring familiarity in conversation that covers both the frustration of wage inequality and the pure joy of a late-night Maccy's at Liverpool Street."


Review - Philippa Kelly at



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