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Priscilla Queen Of The Disaster


Priscilla Queen Of The Disaster is a heart-wrenching, side-splitting, laugh-and-cry-a-minute, one-woman comedy/drama show.


An incredibly honest and frank true story about the realities of parenting, all told by mother and natural storyteller, Susie.

Priscilla resonates with every parent, mother or anyone who has been through tough life events, all whilst trying to find the funny side in these moments.

Looking at Priscilla for your venue?

Priscilla is a self-contained show suiting small to medium theatres/spaces. With a history of sell-out performances and well attended post-show discussions, programming Priscilla into your diary is a no-brainer!

Audience members can enjoy staying post-show with writer and performer Susie to find out if the story is true, to open up about the effects of motherhood on our mental health and to feel the power of sharing our stories and connecting with others. Plus these post-show discussions indirectly encourage further bar spend at your venue.

Your audience can continue the discussion and participate in the community even after the show through the It’s OK Susie supporting blog, forum and podcast featured on this website.


“A hilarious yet heartbreaking performance"

“Thanks for sharing a very special performance with us. Priscilla Queen of the Disaster was a hilarious, yet heartbreaking performance, which we were proud to debut at Harlow Playhouse. It was honest, raw, and funny, and feedback from audiences proved how personable, likeable and impactful the show was as a whole”


Rory Davies Executive and Artistic Director at Harlow Playhouse

Key Info For Theatre Programmers

  • Audiences: Parents, mums, mums to be

  • Age Guide: 16+ (strong language)

  • Genre: Comedy, theatre, drama

  • Venues: Perfect for small to medium venues

  • Themes: Parenting, childbirth, love, loss

  • Running Time: 1 hour 10 minutes (no interval)

  • Options: Post-show discussion

Tour Dates

Tour Dates

1st March 2024

Tamworth Assembly Rooms, Staffordshire


19th April 2024

Stamford Arts Centre,



13th June 2024

Swan Studio,



13th July

Farnham Maltings


8th March 2024

Cumbernauld Theatre,



26th April 2024

The Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham


14th June 2024

The Point,



14th September

Arts Centre,



14th March 2024

Park & Dare Theatre, Treorchy


9th May 2024

Rotherham Civic Theatre,



11th July

The Core,

Corby Cube


4th October

Playhouse Theatre,


Are you a parent? 

Have you ever felt scared to admit that you found parenting really hard? Or maybe even realised very quickly that there are no amount of books or blogs you can read, or advice you can receive that will ever prepare you for the responsibility?


There is no training

it’s all very learned on the job

and the responsibility hits like a bus.


Of course, I love my children.  Of course, I am grateful. I find parenting fun and we're constantly laughing. Being a mother to these boys is a privilege.  But,  I am not perfect and I’m often left wondering if I am even enough.

This show connects us all through the best and worst parts of being a parent.


I have long abandoned the idea of only showing the best bits and pretending I am OK when I’m not. I am raising human beings, so it’s probably best I show up as one and not as a robot who only feels the good stuff and highlights the positives. I’m attempting to prepare these kids for life ahead, and we all know it’s nothing like the flawless childhood we have been conditioned to believe we must provide.


This show cuts through the conditioning, the societal expectation and shares a very real story of motherhood, it’s nothing like I expected- THANK GOODNESS!


Have you seen the show? What did you love about it? Join our show discussion:

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